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Pricing starts as follows:

Minimum charge for edge to edge is $35, $50 for custom.  To see examples of all of the following, follow us on Instagram!  Just click the little photo icon link on the bottom of every page!


Basic Quilting: .0125 cents/inch

This is a freehand edge to edge meander or loop design using one thread and the same design over the entire quilt. 


Edge to Edge: .0175-.0225 cents/inch

This is an edge to edge computerized or freehand design that is chosen to complement your quilt top.  Pricing starts at .0175 and goes up with the density of the pattern. 


Simple Custom: Starts at .0225 cents/inch  

This includes designs that follow and highlight the unique piecing and design of the quilt. Multiple threads may be used.  Final price is determined by the amount of time taken to complete the quilting.  All custom work is done freehand.


Complex Custom:  

Pricing is based on an hourly rate, an estimate may be given after viewing the quilt and discussing ideas with the client.  This includes techniques such as Stitch in the Ditch, designs that require marking, or designs using templates.  Pricing for this begins at the level of .05 cents/inch


Thread charges are based on the size of the quilt, starting at $5 per quilt.  High Quality threads from Superior Threads and Fil-Tec are used.  

To determine how much it will be to have your quilt quilted use this method:  Multiply the length and width of the quilt to get the area.  Take that amount times the amount per inch charged, then add the thread charge.
For example: A quilt that is 60" x 70"= 4200 sq inches.  4200" x .0125 cents (for a meander) =$52.50 + $5= $57.50