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Hi, I’m Heidi, head machine quilter and joy spreader at Piece and Joy Quilting Co. My love for sewing started in 4-H as a tween and grew to a love of quilting after taking a class in high school and loving it.  It took a back seat during the college years and as a newlywed, but I soon found myself as a stay at home mom with two little ones, needing a creative outlet. Piecing quilts during nap time became that for me. A desire to help contribute financially to our family led me to investigate the possibilities of working from home as a longarm quilter. After a year of research and prayer, my purchase of a used APQS machine in 2007 coincided with the exciting news that baby number 3 was on the way! My business has grown with my babies, who aren’t so little anymore 11 years later. I am grateful everyday to work with kind and creative people who share my love of quilts. I look forward to adding you to my family of quilters and working with you to make your quilt come alive!

Heidi Rodli


Office: (503) 831-3213